Clean And Pure Offers Deep Cleaning Service

Cleaning, disinfecting and stain removal of mattresses, furniture, and carpets with specialized equipment that suctions very strong and deep, removing mites and infections

Cleaning all corners and hard to reach places where mites and infections are hidden Washing and disinfection of air conditioning vents and cleaning the dusty walls around them Washing and disinfecting of the fans by suctioning their slits and antlerless leaving equipment being impeccable

Washing, disinfecting, purifification, and medicated-odor air conditioning by suctioning the dust we don't see in the air, catching it and throwing it in water leaving the air we breathe clean and pure

A professional and high quality service.

Clean and fresh air throughout your home or office.

To disinfect, aromatize, and remove stains from mattresses, furniture, and carpets.

Wash and disinfect air conditioning systems. Clean dust from the walls around it.

To eliminate mites and infections that cause diseases such as asthma, allergies, infections, headaches, and pneumonia, bronchopneumonia.

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Free Consultation and Service Customized to your Needs

Our complete cleaning service is customized to each of our customers based on their specific needs.

We provide a free consultation at your home and office to understand your needs and service and plan and adjust it to fit your needs.

We offer fresh home cleaning, killing harmful bacteria to protect your health and the environment.

Our service is guaranteed. English and Spanish spoken

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  • Specialized cleaning service
  • Prevention of allergies
  • Elimination of agents that cause asthma, allergy, migraine, supplying you a healthier life
  • Clean and fresh environment
  • Positive changes to your health and well being

Let’s get rid of allergies!

Our professional service cleans and disinfects your air conditioning ducts, the ceilings and walls around it. It also cleans pillows and mattresses, carpets, and every single area in the room thus preventing the accumulation of dust and sources of allergens.

There are many types of allergies that cause different symptoms. Most of them are caused due to excess humidity and dust in the environment that are deposited on every surface in your home. We provide high quality and professional service by disinfecting your home and thus preventing allergies in your life.

What's New?

Our pillow and mattress cleaning service removes all dust and mites that may cause the irritation of your eyelids.

With our professional cleaning service, you will not have to worry about waking up every morning with irritated eyes. Let us take care and thoroughly clean your pillow and mattress.

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